How “HI” transforms your healthcare

Patient in a HI Card plan seeks care.

Pre-register using your secure HI Card Patient Portal so patient check-in is even faster. optional

Check in with a swipe.

Instantly, the provider’s system receives vital healthcare data—including plan eligibility, benefits, medical and drug history, and more. No incomplete records, no new forms to fill out.

Because all approved HI Card plans are low cost with no deductible or coinsurance at the contracted hospitals, the patient simply pays a co-pay and receives care.

After the visit, the provider updates their internal records and shares those updates with the HI Card system. The provider then submits a standard CMS1500 Form to the payer.

The payer processes the claim and submits a copy to HI Card.

HI Card’s approved claims are prioritized, ensuring timely payment to providers— usually within 10-15 days.

And thanks to HI Card’s advanced blockchain technology, all this real-time data sharing is smooth, secure and HIPAA-compliant.

By creating new operational and administrative efficiencies, HI Card offers many benefits for the healthcare industry.

Lowered costs. Enhanced physician and patient relations. Improved care outcomes. And more.

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More about the healthcare landscape of today.

A lack of transparency, antiquated and manual processing systems, difficulties in exchanging information and inabilities to manage bill collections have created significant inefficiencies and further compromised the healthcare industry. Today, there is a great deal of dysfunction and bias among the primary parties that make up healthcare and its costs. The result of this dysfunction is an environment that lacks trust.

  • Healthcare providers battle with payers for higher discounts on billed charges and expedited claims payments.
  • Payers are bartering with their brokers and agents for greater benefits and lower premiums.
  • Brokers and agents are challenged to attain more clients all while trying to differentiate themselves with their product offering and reduced costs.
  • Employers and their employees are at odds with all of them as they want more affordable premiums, lower deductibles and greater healthcare coverage.

All parties are left to navigate a landscape riddled with lack of trust and absent of a system that is reliable and transparent. It is our vision that with the use of Blockchain technology partnered with EMV/Smart Card technologies, HI Card can be that system.


A reliable, transparent health data system

accurate. anytime. anywhere.

HI Card utilizes technology from Blockchain, partnered with Smart Cards/EMV Chip cards to access employee health data, such as health insurance plan details, historical medical records and personal identification. This information can be accessed by approved healthcare providers to improve the quality of care given to an individual by making the entire healthcare delivery process more transparent, efficient and cost effective to the primary parties of a healthcare transaction; the employee, provider and the payer.


Say “HI” and transform your healthcare.