a closer look at patient benefits

HI Card makes your healthcare more affordable. HI Card plans are low cost and deductibles are waived if services are performed by a contracted facility or physician, so you’re only required to pay a co-pay at time of service.
No more unmanageable out-of-pocket bills. No more putting off care because you can’t afford it. And with more transparent billing across all your services, you’ll never wonder who to pay and when.
But HI Card isn’t just a health plan card. It also stores your identifying information and historical medical and drug data.
Now you can easily share this information with your doctor and avoid filling out redundant forms at every visit. It’s more convenient for you and more efficient for your provider, so you can both focus on what matters most—your care.

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  • Low cost and deductibles waived at participating providers
  • Simple co-pay at visit
  • Transparent billing
  • Immediate and positive patient ID
  • Secure and portable health records
  • Faster emergency treatment

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Disturbing industry trends...

Over 2 million Americans are victims of Medical Identity Theft. According to the Fifth Annual Study on Medical Identity Theft released by the Medical Identity Theft Alliance (MIFA) the number of patients affected by medical identity theft increased nearly 22 percent in just the last year.

Employee out of pocket responsibility for services has grown from 10 percent to 30 over the past 2 years. TransUnion has attributed this increase to higher deductible plans being imposed on employers to try and reduce the amount of premium increases year to year. The total out of pocket costs for a typical family of four insured by the most common health plan offered by employers will average $28,166 this year, according to the annual Milliman Medical Index. .

accurate. anytime. anywhere.

HI Card utilizes technology from Blockchain, partnered with Smart Cards/EMV Chip cards to access employee health data, such as health insurance plan details, historical medical records and personal identification. This information can be accessed by approved healthcare providers to improve the quality of care given to an individual by making the entire healthcare delivery process more transparent, efficient and cost effective to the primary parties of a healthcare transaction; the employee, provider and the payer.


Say “HI” and transform your healthcare.