a closer look at provider benefits

HI Card can help providers improve cash flow by providing timely turnaround on claims payments. HI Card health plans and the participating claims payer are required to pay claims on a set schedule. And HI Card claims take precedence to all other claims managed by the payer. Though exceptions apply, you often see payment in as little as ten days.
Better still, the HI Card program requires payment to the providers at 100% of the contracted rate. And since you collect only the plan co-pay at the time of service, you are not burdened with the collection of patient deductibles, co-insurance and account receivables.
Finally, HI Card gives you instant access to the HI Card platform to confirm participant ID, eligibility, and critical health histories—so you can deliver effective care even more efficiently.

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  • Faster claims payment
  • 100% Payment of the Contracted Rate
  • Instant patient ID
  • Elimination of duplicate records
  • Control of all patient services
  • Access to patient medical history
  • Faster emergency treatment

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Disturbing industry trends...

Many healthcare providers are faced with large outstanding account receivables as a result of unpaid medical bills. According to a study from TransUnion, more than two-thirds of patients are unable to pay their entire hospital bill, and that number is estimated to increase to 95 percent by 2020. Providers are challenged by a tedious manual identification process.

accurate. anytime. anywhere.

HI Card utilizes technology from Blockchain, partnered with Smart Cards/EMV Chip cards to access employee health data, such as health insurance plan details, historical medical records and personal identification. This information can be accessed by approved healthcare providers to improve the quality of care given to an individual by making the entire healthcare delivery process more transparent, efficient and cost effective to the primary parties of a healthcare transaction; the employee, provider and the payer.


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