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Concerned with privacy and confidentiality? HI Card Technology provides a reliable environment for entities to conduct business with peace of mind. Demographic and healthcare data seamlessly and securely transact through our system. We provide a highly efficient and collaborative setting for all participants to achieve cost savings and improve operational effectiveness.


Our technology leverages state-of-the-art offerings to bring concrete improvement to security protocols with regards to authentication, authorization, and encryption. Identity management and securing data at rest and on the move are key aspects of our solution.

key factors that influence our technology solution


A core value proposition of the HI CARD network is the efficient handling of multiparty transactions, in a secure and consistent manner, providing considerable cost saving to stakeholders. Participants within the network rely on transactions to be handled consistently; business partners must be able to review and analyze transaction details at a later stage should there be a need to. Efficient and transparent handling of transactions and procedures increase trust in our system.


For the system to achieve its aim of being a central platform to regulate and facilitate multiparty healthcare transactions, it must provide a seamless set of integration points to allow all the parties to efficiently initiate authorized transactions.

“Matching the correct individual to his or her health data is critical to their medical care. Statistics show that up to one in five patient records are not accurately matched even within the same health care system. As many as half of the patient records are mismatched when data is transferred between healthcare systems.”

~Shaun Grannis
Director of Center for
Biomedical Informatics

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about the technologies we’ve chosen

Smart Card Technology

A smart card is a small card with an embedded integrated circuit or chip. This embedded chip is an effective microcomputer that can be programmed for different uses. Smart Cards have been successfully used to provide high levels of security and privacy protection, making them ideal for handling sensitive information such as identity and personal health information. Patient identification throughout the session is a crucial aspect of service delivery, in fact many healthcare frauds and errors are related to misidentification of the patient. Our solution at HI Card is to leverage Smart Card technology. This is a proven technology that leverages encryption to store data and securely communicate with a reader to fetch and process the information as needed.

Blockchain Technology

Many industries are adopting blockchain technology to innovate and increase security, privacy, interoperability, compliance, and transparency. Our team of blockchain experts carefully designed assets and transactions consistent with the business objectives and goals of the platform. More importantly, this technology affords us with an unprecedented one stop shop solution for security, privacy, and transparency. It does so natively, because it is the very purpose the technology was created for in the first place.

Leveraging the two innovative technologies creates a platform for

  • Dramatically improving patient identification and authorization
  • Implementing a portable health record
  • Accurately linking individual with the correct medical record
  • Accessibility to patient medical record history
  • Recording and maintaining patient records without concerns to data corruption or tampering
  • Securing medical records
  • Establishing an ecosystem for patients that allows institutions access to their medical records for various purposes
  • Creating a central and secure source for patient identification and authentication
  • Significantly reducing healthcare fraud

We’ve created an ecosystem for healthcare providers, healthcare payers, and employees that is transparent, efficient and cost effective. All controlled through a single HI Card that uses Smart Card technology. With everyone in the same ecosystem and under the same guidelines, every party in the healthcare transaction can communicate with each other openly, rapidly and efficiently using the data in the required format. The HI Card system treats all participating parties the same; there are no bias among providers, services or employers.

accurate. anytime. anywhere.

HI Card utilizes technology from Blockchain, partnered with Smart Cards/EMV Chip cards to access employee health data, such as health insurance plan details, historical medical records and personal identification. This information can be accessed by approved healthcare providers to improve the quality of care given to an individual by making the entire healthcare delivery process more transparent, efficient and cost effective to the primary parties of a healthcare transaction; the employee, provider and the payer.


Say “HI” and transform your healthcare.