a single, standardized transaction platform for providers, payers and patients alike

It’s no secret that as great as it is, our healthcare system is too complex. With so many competing services, plans and third parties, the process of paying for care has become slow, confusing and costly.

Patients struggle to afford services or even understand their coverage.

Providers wait weeks or months for payment.

Payers must sift through claims filled with inaccuracies, overcharges and even fraud.

All of this is driving up costs and eroding trust in the system.

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There must be a better way.

Introducing HI Card—the card that puts health intelligence at your fingertips. HI Card’s secure, smart-chip technology leverages existing systems to create a single, standardized transaction platform for providers, payers and patients alike.

With HI Card, every party in the healthcare transaction has secure, real-time access to the same vital patient information—from medical and drug histories to coverage eligibility and more.

That means instant and accurate patient identification.

  • Lower costs for patients.
  • Streamlined claims processing for payers.
  • And faster payment turnaround for providers.


Technology has transformed nearly every transaction in our daily lives. It’s time to do the same for healthcare—with HI Card.


Employees covered by HI Card plans benefit from low cost plans with zero deductibles, requiring only your co-pay at time of service.

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Eliminate your accounts receivables for uncollectable deductibles from patients and improve your cash flow by paying claims on time.

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Receive immediate, accurate and positive identification plus standardized claim submissions.

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accurate. anytime. anywhere.

HI Card utilizes technology from Blockchain, partnered with Smart Cards/EMV Chip cards to access employee health data, such as health insurance plan details, historical medical records and personal identification. This information can be accessed by approved healthcare providers to improve the quality of care given to an individual by making the entire healthcare delivery process more transparent, efficient and cost effective to the primary parties of a healthcare transaction; the employee, provider and the payer.


Say “HI” and transform your healthcare.